White Circle Crime Club 2003 news


we had a good time in 2003, hope you did too.

trashbusters (or: trancebuskers) sideshow a capella performance at nijmegen's extrapool was more than fun piss-your-pants style. think voice male on drugs for the mentally ill. wesley willis, duran duran, danzig, the velvet underground, neil young and guns n' roses now have an ace a capella following. and then we didn't even do devo, among others.


we're having a good time here. oddpop sideshow trashbusters performance was witnessed by an audience of stunned dutchmen, staring at us playing no wave versions of dutch seventies songs (gekke peter) and no-nonsense noise impromptu remixes of danzig's mother, madonna's la isla bonita, the beatles' i wanna hold your hand, iron maiden's run to the hills, spandau ballet's gold and project x's straight edge revenge. felix kubin kicked ass, meeuw's one record was great too, ha. there's gonna be more of these collaborations soon, not to say next saturday already, in nijmegen's extrapool. the day dead stop will record at the white circle head quarters, that is, to record what will prove to be the best belgian hardcore songs ever.

the report we made about the previous tour, last may, is still readily available.

conspiracy records, still too cool for words, is organising a label night next year where we will also be playing, of course. somewhere in april, that is. who else will play? isis (only mainland european show, they will be playing at all tomorrow's parties in the uk), somnabula (mauro sideshow) and trans am are confirmed or quasi.

white circle noise club will possibly have its first seven inch release within months. sign up to know when and why before them and theirs.

we are planning our next tour in march of next year. possibly together with another band.


post-tour blues rockers. report soon. everything soon sooner than later. clubkeller. roxi. hihi, video. heart of scold. that girl is cwazy. i wanna be your dog. stagedives. living on video. froufrou. i think i like your friend. david lynch. you must have steel hope. supermercato. faites attention. passports please. there are no microphones. can i use your amp? roxi. paradise city. london calling. nancy. motown. reach out, i'll be there.


we are on tour.     fun.

21st: Belgium, Dendermonde, Zenith (w/ Electric Turn To Me and Untersfear)
22nd: Holland, Tilburg, 013 (w/ Logh and The Void)
23rd: Germany, Frankfurt, Clubkeller
25th: Austria, Innsbruck, Cafe Sub
28th: Slovenia, Krsko, Bud 'n Hrupn
29th: Italy, Pescara, Kabala Jazz Club

1st: Day Off Festival Of Leisure Time, Isle Of White Circle Crime
2nd: Switserland, Genève, Le Kab à L'Usine (w/ Black Eyes and Electric Turn To Me)
3rd: Switserland, Zürich, Ego City (w/ Meskalin and Swamp)
4th: Germany, Offenbach, Roxi
5th: France, Amiens, Le Babylon
6th: France, Nancy, Les Brasseurs
7th: France, Strasbourg, Molodoï (w/ Disco Drive and Play The Piano)


the more than excellent webzine nameless now has a white circle crime club review online, go check your head. and the tour is coming close. it's the final countdown, europe. get ready now.

ssdshirt, what's yo real name boy?, has taken some pictures of the mentally ill show at the berkenbeat festival, apparently high on a well-chosen megamix of the better drugs available these days. seems that he still hasn't gotten over his car burning down last week, don't blame him.

there's still two relatively new reviews out there as well, bavarois:

Ich höre san diego ohne die hektischen momente, ich höre grosse emotionen ohne leidvolle schwere, ich höre rock ohne schweinesülze, ich höre vertrackte andersartigkeit ohne störende unzugänglichkeit, ich höre verzweiflung und kampf ohne brutale schmerzen, ich höre anspruch ohne artsyness, ich höre rhythmus ohne hüftsteife, ich höre eine gute platte ohne wenn und aber.. (torsten, trust magazine nr. 102/5 oktober november 2003 )

Sur le label/distributeur anversois renommé pour sa recherche, sa découverte de bonnes musiques alternatives, hors des sentiers battus, voici venir le premier cd 4 titres d'un nouveau groupe belge bien passionnant. Même s'il joue un rock ultime noisy avec des gitares stridentes, lourdes, des distortions, le groupe ne néglige pas une touche de groove et des mélodies accrocheuses. Les textes eux sont intéressants voire perturbants (voir aussi leur nom et le titre du cd!) et le chanteur est vraiment étonnant. Alors que certains groupes sortent d'emblée des cd complets desquels on ne retient que peu de chose, sur 14 minutes donne dans le superbe (découvrez d'urgence "Pretty Vacant"). On conseillera cette musique aux fans de Sonic Youth, de Girls against Boys, de Fugazi... Le genre de groupe qui me passionne et dont vous trouverez une interview sur www.devor-rock.be d'ici peu. (Claudy Jalet, L'Aguesse)

if you don't know what "ohne" means in german you're pretty much fuckt understanding something of the first one, so that's why: ohne=without. And, as you can read in the french one, we will have an interview at this guy's website soon too. jean-michelle jarre.

diss ist older, but the tourdates are being updated all the time, geradeaus und dann rechts:

make up time for neglected internettal space. we are making music, songs, writing lyrics, texts. we now have someone in our midst with an own homestudio, so this time things will get seriously seriously like they already always should have been. we will be able to make demo versions and experiment with sounds and noise of all kind, which is what we’re doing already now, but without the means necessary. you will hear from us, no doubt.

like already mentioned in one of our previous news flashes, some of us struggle with words in their daily lives, like it should be. not only has the coolest underground magazine around freespace nieuwzuid picked up on our own guitarist and given him space for flows of sweetwatersweat, mega-mainstream magazine for the meathead and titty-lover p-magazine has quoted some of these words, by means of a bob van laerhoven column. we had a good laugh, for sure.

we're done playing shows with the chinese stars now (ex- arab on radar), so go check their e.p. out while waiting for their comeback to europe next spring (=may). they will have a full-length album out on three.one.g some time soon too. we will be playing with them again.

lately some discussions have been euh executed with people about music and art. most likely these will be fitted into essay-like formats to be published right here or somewhere else.

conspiracy records, still the coolest record label ever anywhere, was having some difficulties with distribution lately, especially in belgium, that’s the reason why our cd “these are the secret sounds of fear” is so hard to find in our country. what you of course could always do is order it through their evergrowing internet-imperium: the conspiracy records online shop. most likely it’s the cheapest as well. but, if not: in antwerp stereophonic records in hipster hood kammenstraat (go past fish and chicken, babes foor euh 100 secondhand shops and there it’s at) is thè record store to get all conspiracy releases, also ours. they have everything you need or will be happy to help you out in your quest. do not be scared by carlo and/or hans, they look mean, but they’re nice at second sight ha. in ghent the pyrrhus record store is the one where you have to be at. if you want your local record store to get our release, you can always ask them to order it through the bertus system, they will know about it. go do so.

we are again getting our gear ready to hit the road, jack. at the end of november and beginning of december we will conquer the continent with our pure white noise and pop mélange. h.p.r.a. (highstreet punk rock association) head and longtime punkrock affiliate toon will join us on that trip, together with legendary in spe cameraman and photographer pol. expect some short movie-like results some day and beautiful pictures as well.

now that we’re talking about that one: we had lost the hundreds of pictures we took at the previous european tour, that’s why things took so long. while moving (one of the main hobbies at ours these days), they were discovered and industrially cleaned to get them ready for web-publishment. a tour-report almost seems silly now already, but we’ll do it anyway, just for you and for you only. no thanks.

if you wanna help us out with shows at dates that haven’t been confirmed yet (remember: tba=too beautiful alfalfa; tbc=the big campaign), please mail our very own jack the mac, or revamped ex-vincent benny the menace at conspiracy. we are nice mice.

some band at some show: “next song is for euh or against racism and fascism”.

we will be part of dennis tyfusch’s weekly radio centraal show of madness and mockery within some weeks. will it be fun? will it be music? will we rattle? probably. keep an ear open if you live in antwerp or within 2 metres of antwerp. that’s where it’s at. also check out his own website if you like amputated breasts and the like. what the like is, i don’t know.

upcoming improvisational surprise shows will be announced to members of the crime club community only, so if you haven’t signed up already do so now. think the desert sessions meet all tomorrow’s parties. provisional titles: 1. neue improvisationen 2. brancanian lesson no. 2. exact dates and places soon. possible cd-r only limited releases belong to the possibilities. but hey, what doesn’t belong to the possibilities?


it's all good at the white circle crime club home. we are in the midst of the small "festival-part" of this season, so we're taking open air stages by storm and all means. mini-rock was a great kick-off. although everyone was still more sweating than paying attention, we managed to bring the noise again (a task we are getting better and better at) to a stage quasi-burning with boredom. one tip: if you don't really like playing in a band, stop doing so. the afterparty was great, like most afterparties the last few months actually. we're not getting that one started, but the white circle soundsystem would kick.. ah well, maybe we should. next up is our show on the first day of the ieper fest (friday august 15th). we are sharing the bill with revolutionaries and philosophers, which is always nice. we will try to bring honesty wrapped in good music, let's hope everyone else does too. and let's hope the audience will not buy marketed, thought-out bands this time. i have the feeling the next revolution will be an honest one, where real bands play real music because they need to. will eggs be thrown?

in september we are playing some shows with the chinese stars, as mentioned before, ex-arab on radar. new songs will be fieldchecked with love at those. we're also working out another european tour at the end of the year (through france, spain, austria, switzerland, germany and holland). schemes and cities will be posted as soon as possible, contact us if you wanna bring the noise to your part of the world. we're being called post-punk more and more, which is true, because we've played in punk bands and our dad works at the.., no leave it. and we're not oldschool-kids playing dc-emo. but we couldn't have made that one up ourselves either, ha.

we are getting reviews, yeah, all positive and raving blah, but what's up with music journalism these days? there's only one really worth mentioning, all the rest is bad bad bad. if you can't write and only want free cd's in return for five lines copied out of our promo-onesheet: cut it.

we have been interviewed for the next bullet magazine, ready mid-august. this is what they thought about our e.p. in their previous issue: "Some time ago there was a show in my hometown and WCCC was part of the bill. Word was spread that their line-up included members of oldschool galore bands Building and One X More. Yet, hold your vegan horses, WCCC isn't your finger pointing youth crew band. They stepped up, rocked the show and left me behind with an overall warm feeling. The kids at Conspiracy Rcs must've thought likewise 'cause here they are presenting this 4 song mcd. It is a superb collection of soft rocking songs, which remind of early Fugazi, a rocking MC 5 and sometimes references to recent Cave In can be made. The thing I like the most here is the slight complexity of each song. It took quite a few listens in order to figure out what the deal was with this band. In the end, it remains hard to describe this roller coaster of riffs'n noises, but one thing's clear: we might deal with Belgium's best kept secret. This is a collection of weird and awesome, powerful riffs, a loud energetic voice and some crazy drum hits. They recently toured Europe, so I can only hope their shit will get around and effect more and more people."

the kids at conspiracy aren't kids. they are old and have kids themselves, haha.

we had a real good time at bar napoleone some time ago. post-concert pictures are available yet, but will most likely not be posted some time soon.

now what's the plan with this site? there is a shitload of reviews available on the net and elsewhere, we will neatly group them here. there are kilos of pictures made, on the tour and elsewhere, we will let some of our country's best photographers in spe make a selection of what's really worth viewing. euh, there will finally be an exhaustive tour-report available which will make you piss your pants with laughter. man man, you don't want to know what we've been through. you say videos? probably.

our friends at conspiracy have all the goodies you haven't. you have the visa, they will send.

the picture on top is taken by white circle crime club aficionado and webmeister jos matthé. if you guess who exactly is on there, you win an e.p..

mail the jackster for shows, concerts, bookings, tours, gigs, performances and the right answer.

if you don't know what we sound like, click here.


while we were doing great shows all around, losing sleep and fixing the four-wheeled belgacom-bomb, the flying v at conspiracy records was trying hard to out-work the hardest working man in the shizznizz: jack the mack. nice try, and it got us some shows with the chinese stars (ex-arab on radar) at the end of the year, but you must realize that the jackster is ready again for some action from the back section, first and foremost to win back his well-deserved reputation. he invented this whole "hard working" thing, don't you forget that.

kevin apetown has taken some pictures of our second of two shows with new yorks ex models (in cahier de brouillon), while tripping heavily on acid, apparently. wicked. the one above is also his. ex models were great, by the way.

we are getting raving reviews everywhere (dixit conspiracy records; is that sentence copywritten, guys?), check it out here, here, here and there, especially if you are multi-talented in language matters.

gonzo (circus) magazine (the one with wire and some model/girl on the cover) also has hidden a review of our e.p. somewhere in their pages (p.75), which goes a little something like this: (...) Aan energie ontbreekt het ook niet bij het Belgische White Circle Crime Club dat met een prima, vier nummers tellende debuut-ep op de proppen komt. Een eerste kennismaking doet invloeden vermoeden in de richting van Sloy en Sonic Youth, maar er is gelukkig een tikkeltje meer aan de hand. Zo is 'Aufbau' een song met een weerhaak die met moeite het hoofd uit kan worden gedreven. Indruk maken doet deze club ook met 'The Perfect'. Het nummer kent een ietwat moeizame start; eens dat overwonnen blijft een kronkelige knoert van een song over. Niet al goud dat blinkt, maar na Hitch opnieuw een gitaarband van eigen kweek om in de smiezen te houden. (...) .translation probably someday never, but we'll try to think about it. and euh: sloy?

we also missed another radio-interview (in luxemburg this time), which makes it the fourth we haven't been able to do, no kiddo. times we've actually done one: zero. fuck us.

vaast colson, the man who did the artwork for our cd, has done another stunning performance, this time at de brakke grond in amsterdam. kicks most of the other wannabes around here, so keep an eye on this guy. but, really.

and, important news: we are coverstars (well, our name is mentioned in unreadable words) of local newspaper "de hoogstraatse maand" (it's a start, man, it's a start, you gotta know where you come from, always remember that), who we've written a tour-report for (and we haven't done one yet for this site, booo indeed). do check that out if you live in village ghetto land and you most probably smell like cow-piss. only 2 euros. maybe we'll put scans up here some time too, who knows.


no news is good news, but good news is better. we are back from, let's say the first part of our european tour and everything is great at the white circle crime club front. we had the time of our life, played some fucking brilliant gigs and met some really cool people and places.
let's see what can be said:

la rochelle is the town that in our minds will be forever linked with the dwarf from what's that tv show called again? something on an island with two teams. this is the dwarf invasion! really loud first show, our first of two with bananas at the audience, frenchies playing boy sets fire-alike power-core, including funny accents. think allo allo meets whatever. just
think allo allo. nice guys, and a small afterparty revealed they were good dancers too, yow. krist managed to sell a hyper-active guy quite some cd's, but had to stand 3 hours of blah blah blah wow have to get me some money can i listen that again i don't know maybe i'm not sure. we slept in woods, near a lake, our van broke down.

beauvais is clean city number one. we had a good night, played with a crap metal band whose name i don't want to remember, whose drummer used our bassdrum and destroyed it, didn't want to pay it, pretended he was too stoned/poor. we kicked his balls out, eyes closed and got some money from the organisation for that. cheerrrs. afterparty was outside, our soundsystem was the soundtrack, people drank too much and became euh bodily? the hotel was cheap, sleazy, but we didn't care. we ate all the breakfast and drove home.
more report soon, i'm fucking tired.

some favourites on the white circle crime tour soundsystem, excellent-taste-fest as you will notice:
plaid - double figures
neu! - 2
aphex twin - druckqs
queens of the stone age - rated r
neil young - harvest
andrew wk - i get wet
sonic youth - daydream nation
sonic youth - murray street
velvet underground & nico - andy warhol banana cd
radiohead - kid a

::more soon

bands we've so far been compared to on our way:
jimi hendrix
(early) xtc
mc 5
::more soon

besides the two previous reviews (check older news), there's a new one in the new (may) issue of rifraf magazine, that goes a little something like this (dutchies only):
lang geleden dat conspiracy nog eens een band van eigen bodem getekend heeft, maar deze mag er alvast zijn. white circle crime club valt losjes te omschrijven als beïnvloed door fugazi, quetzal en international noise conspiracy met af en toe een snuifje cure, maar daar houdt het niet mee op. op deze ep duiken de leden enthousiast in hun uitgebreide verzameling niet-voor-de-hand-liggende riffs en tegendraadse breaks die ze energiek maar gecontroleerd rondstrooien, a rato van één dozijn of zo per nummer. ook de samen- (of misschien eerder tegen-) zang zorgt voor spannende momenten. vooral afsluiter "pretty vacant" (nee, geen sex pistols-cover) maakt indruk. binnenkort vertrekken de leden op een tour die hen heel europa zal doorvoeren en ik kijk alvast uit naar de full-length die daar ongetwijfeld op zal volgen.
::translation soon

we will be playing a show with cave in in rotterdam soon, which is great. after that we'll go hacking to terror music at the dutch capital of hardcore house, haha. shaven haven, respek.
this site should get a layout soon as well, after the tour that is.

the jackmaster still has the sweatiest bollocks in showbizz, that guy should really get out of his chair soon.
conspiracyrecords now have hans on promo duties, so for anything that matters (review, interview, pictures, blah) contact him: promo@conspiracyrecords.com . the jackster is smiling. maybe he now can eat more than 2 times a week.

bosnia was the most impressive country we've ever seen on tour, ever. beautifully desolate and shockingly ten-years-ago. you could still smell the war.

worst band we've played with so far: chewy. get off, you kids. i wanna rock.
never thought we'd dance to ska music, but we did. and we introduced polonaises and playbacking on stage to tsjech republic. some of those guys are still standing there, i'm sure about that.
kapu in austria: vodka with tabasco and groseille?! okay you guys, local traditions are okay, but euh jeezes.
congratulations from all of us to dave from conspiracy (and mama maria): you're the daddy, man! lola lo-lo-lo-lo-looola. cool name.
::a lot more really soon, keep checking back.
::also check the tour-plan and older news below the page (including links), mp3, conspiracy site..

off to the uk now..
the tour looks like this, but is being updated every single moment of the day, keep checking back.

03/5 F - La Rochelle - La Casamance
04/5 F - Beauvais - ASCA Café-Musiques
06/5 F - Strasbourg - La Laiterie (with The Ex, Drey)
08/5 CH - Zurich - Ego City
09/5 I - Recanati - Extra club
10/5 I - Roma - INIT
12/5 SK - Ljubljana - KUD FP
13/5 BIH - Travnik - Alter Art (with Squall)
14/5 HR - Zagreb - Attack
15/5 A - Vienna - EKH
16/5 A - Linz - Kapu
17/5 CZ - Strakonice - RM Club (with Underfire)
18/5 CZ - Teplice - Podletna
19/5 D - Dresden - Scheune
27/5 UK - Cambridge - Man on the Moon (with Day of the Fight)
28/5 UK - Middlesborough - tbc
29/5 UK - Poole - The Central (with Day of the Fight)
31/5 UK - London - Underworld (with Oneida)
09/6 NL - Rotterdam - Waterfront (with Cave In)

if you feel like doing yourself a favour and organize a white circle crime club event, do not hesitate to contact you-know-who: the jackmaster.


bridges are burnt, there’s no way back now. our travel through europe has commenced and we will be loving every minute of it. first show near the sea in la rochelle. after that: in european headquarters strasbourg with dutch sonic youth-collaborators the ex, in europe’s most beautiful city rome in recently opened init club, in all parts of former yugoslavia: slovenia, bosnia-herzegovina (where we will talk on national radio about euh our music?) and zagreb (up until now only known through war-reports). we’ll drive through the used-to-be battlefields, to fight our own fight for real and honest rock music (wow). the first day in tsjech republic we’ll play at the opening of a brand new skate park, yow. hoods up! lest not forget about kraut kountry jawohl, austria and the uk, where we will be sharing the stage at the legendary underworld (think at the drive-in, queens of the stone age, radiohead..) with liars-collaborators oneida. and that’s the last show of the tour, so if anyone has any good ideas for a good night out in the british capital or if you feel like checking us out, say so. or do so.

if you don’t know what we sound like, eat this.

the same reviews, baby, on and on: one, two

the conspiracy is our home, check out what they have, these guys are the hardest working euh no, sorry, forget it. our man jack is the hardest working man in showbizz, contact him for shows, interviews, promo and general good advice.

did you know that jack’s name is easily adaptable to several national languages within a blink of the eye and the biggest smile? jacques (french), jakopo (italy), jaak (belgium), helmut (germany).

we played at a livingroom party which wasn’t exactly your average livingroom but more of a chique wedding-banquet-kind-of hall, but had a great time. those of you who could figure out the songs amidst the sea of pure noise win imaginary big prizes and respek. our own matchbox jean and gino latino played all their favourite records at an amazing afterparty, everyone had a great time.

vaast colson is working on his next exhibition. did we say he freshened things up at the brussels art fair last month, being about the only artist brave enough to actually be there and just do it? he was. and he’s done the artwork for our ep “these are the secret sounds of fear”, buy it if only for that. and because there’s four great songs on there as well, why not.

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