White Circle Crime Club 2004 news


We've only played 4 White Circle Crime Club shows in 2004, which is not exactly a lot, we know. But: with other projects (Dark Brown Feeling, Thunder Heart Machine, with Building Transmissions) we've played with Lightning Bolt, Evil Superstars, in the MUHKA in Antwerp, SMAK Gent and a lot in Germany too, and in other places, with other bands and people. And Jan has been dj'ing also. All of this made 2004 a great year. Check the concerts page to see exactly where we've been doing what with whom. Most importantly: we've recorded a new cd in september and october. It's fully finished now and being readied and sent out for pressing as we are speaking.

2005 will have a lot of White Circle Crime Club shows, as well in Belgium and Holland as in the rest of Europe. We will also definitely do an American tour, preferably sooner than later. So you will hear from us.


pictures of our hasselt show with q and not u, taken by jan ruymen: here.


jan will be playing records at kaaiman (antwerp), tuesday december 21st, on an ultra eczema night. little wings and bloated ego and the compliments will play live, dj satijnglanspenis, dennis tykutt, efa and danny yell will spinn afterpartily danceable records. not to be missed (free stickers at entrance, mad dia slideshows, button carnaval..).


we played our first show in six months last weekend in dendermonde, videostills are here. click through to see all. .

our upcoming full-length album on conspiracy records will be titled white circle crime club written in black. 9 songs, 40 minutes. recorded and mixed by ourselves and bert aerts. mastered by alan ward at electric city, brussels. releasedate: early 2005. we'll keep you posted with more info soon.

two more shows confirmed:
-december 19th at muziekodroom, hasselt (b), w/ q and not u
-january 7th 2005 at bear rock festival, andenne (b)

in march 2005 we will for sure do a european tour too. you will hear about it.


we just added new pictures to the photo archive, from our recordings in chimay at the blue hotel. all taken by .


we just recorded a full length album for conspiracy records during a month long session in the ass of belgium, chimay, at the blue hotel. 9 songs, some 40 minutes of schizophrenia. we still have to finalize some of the mixes and master everything at electric city, brussels, but normally it will officially be released early 2005. vaast colson was our guest in the mixtape module on location and has drawn/will complete what will be the layout of it all soon.

conspiracy is sending out false rumours about possible topics for lyrics, but they will not deal with feeding and milking cows, talking meat, crosseyed white trash, funerals, drinking heavy beers and camping inhabitants. even though we have been more than in touch with all of these. and we learned a lot about the effects of intra-familiar breeding. it twists your eyes, man.

dennis tyfus will most possibly make a videoclip for mutant disco, the song that is.
tina schott and tina kohlmann (german prizewinning filmmakers) are deciding which song they will make a video for. their film in den gärten meiner töchter was shown at the köln filmfestival in the museum ludwig there, on saturday october 23rd, 18h. you should have been there.

our first show will be november 6th in dendermonde with fifty foot combo, in-kata, vegas.. we are working on a european tour and more.

sideshow news: dark brown feeling was the only band playing two days at the mauro-curated festival "la belgique, 666 points" at ancienne belgique, brussels, october 23th or 24th, with evil superstars, tom barman, sickboy, schidzoid, jacques the rapper and more; they will also play at the frankfurter kunstverein, friday november 12th (date changed!) and in the stuttgarter rocker 33 gallery with kim peers, on saturday november 13th. thunder heart machine will play at frontline, ghent, november 18th.


we are recording a full-length album for conspiracy records from september 13th till october 10th in the blue hotel in chimay, belgium. everything will be recorded by ourselves and mixed as well, with the help of bert aerts (switch sonata) and kris delacourt (building transmissions). vaast colson will draw a layout in the mixtape module on location. dennis tyfus will make a videoclip. tina schott and tina kohlmann, german prizewinning filmmakers, will also make a videoclip.


alles ist gut

jelle will play again with huge chinese, pasta-core turbo trio, at antwerp pub bart abba, saturday august 28th. free entrance and a guaranteed trasher meeting. sultans mit schwung will play records.

bart abba is mostly known because the fatty owner is a big abba fan, he once even dated the belgian sister of agneta faltskog or what's her name, the blonde one. dark brown feeling, karaoke kings, do unexpected performances there too. dark brown feeling is starting to get media attention by way of a humo magazine mentioning. boringly described as "karaoke met koptelefoons", this collective will soon go for world domination in its own genre. playing with lightning bolt and at the ancienne belgique at a mauro-curated 2-dayer is promising, to say the least. more foreign dates are being confirmed (frankfurt, stuttgart, offenbach, berlin, hamburg, tokyo).

krist is still playing out with thunder heart machine. go check 'em.

jan will support sickboy with a dj-set at the offenbacher roxi club next wednesday, september 1st. germany das ist, near frankfurt.


you think we're not doing anything, you're wrong. songs for an upcoming full length album are being made by the millions, more details about practical stupidities will follow soon. the nex few weeks have nice happenings in petto: jelle is playing with kris delacourt and sam of the heartaches at the dranouter festival, with a banjo and ukelele act (in between other ones all over the fest and on the big stage as a headliner probably also).

krist is playing out a lot with thunder heart machine (now with catsuited bassplayer/-ster), whose website is finally finnished and on the line. check the dates data dozens dude.

huge chinese, slomo-patsercore improv trio, will play at the now already legendary anti-vijf voor twaalf festival death petrol. our own soundman will also perform under his switch sonata monniker and mauro pawlowski and 80000 other people. entrance is for free, you can put your very own meat on a barbeque also for free.

jan will play vinyl records with dennis tyfus, who works for a communist radio, at a volxkeuken afterparty thursday august 5th at scheld'apen, antwerp and at jh spiraal in rijkevorsel on a dorfsjugend summer party the day after (august 6th), where dj zohra will also play.

jan will also play vinyl records with the "deutsch-antwerpische freundschaft", which is a belgo-germanische back-to-back koppel-show musical experience, at a german night in antwerp squat scheldapen, august 13th that is. also playing: ida red (live, frankfurt), dj hank, roxi musik, murena & münch & gabi prinzip (all münchen) will do special performances. check it out.

the belgacom bomb is backer and better than ever.

stagedives make me feel more alive than coke and msn messenger and slowed down songs. one-sided 12", anyone? hallo?

dark brown feeling is skyrocketing on the highway to hell, or what else is playing at the mauro-curated 2-day festival at the ancienne belgique in brussels in october, playing with lightning bolt in october, doing a special french songs only set in stuttgart in october, playing at the roxi club in frankfurt/offenbach (which was underwater 1 meter just one week ago) later. the frigo site now has dark brown versions of 99 luftballons and sonic youth's 100% on site. and a picture too. listen to the most irritant form of madness you've heard since long.

we will sing and paint things black at weddings.


server and computer changes made us take a well-deserved holiday here at the white circle crime club webquarters, but we have been doing a lot of things. last weekend (friday july 9th) jann played records at a special roxi club (frankfurt/offenbach) night to celebrate ends of years. sardines packed in this mini-club danced till the day went light. some of white circle crime club made collages and drawings for an exhibition that ran at the roxi club too, titled "hie und daa", described as "een toffe micro-rondgang om de deutsch-antwerpische freundschaft te benadrukken". part-takers included some of antwerps finest: frigo collective, dennis tykutt, kati heck, johanna trudzinski, julia jodel, , nathalie obbels, jan matthé, jelle de cremer, jelle crama, switch sonata, kris delacourt, among many others. unfortunately, this expo only lasted until last sunday, so you all have missed it. schade.

dark brown feeling, trash karaoke top act, played an unannounced gig at a specially designed stage on the dialekt festival/party/arty happening in stuttgart, germany. the frigo bus was the apple blue sea green background of another irritant madness happening, including versions of 99 luftballons, when the kids are united, running in the family, personality crisis, welcome to the jungle and the obvious mother. people on the beach went crazy. in august, dark brown feeling will play in frankfurt. later, they will take part in the exams of paris, london, rotterdam and tokyo metros, in a try to gain a permission pass to play at these places. dance to the underground.

there's pictures online here from our conspiracy records festival show.

and we have reached the 10000 visitors/visits momentum. not bad for a bit more than one year.


jelle has played at the musicnomusic festival in hasselt with dennis tyfoon (photos here); sis has written an on-the-spot play for three printers including soundtrack escapes in the smak museum in ghent (photo above), vaast colson invited; jan has been playing records and is playing records on the same bill as dj trish, and techno sucks too yes true; new thunder heart machine (sideshow with krist on drums) songs are great; white circle crime club photographer has finished his third year now with a newspaper-sized project (mail him for a free copy or if you're interested in general), which looks beautiful; white circle crime club was part of the whole process, including nightdrive postal services and filming; our soundman bert is playing shows with his switch sonata alter ego (at rotkop festival), fckd up electronic lap topf trickery worth check check it out what's it all about; dark brown feeling is rehearsing a lot for future irrit-art happenings; white circle crime club will record a full-length cd/lp in september and october, tour later; we were choosing unselected music for fashion shows lately; the belgacom bomb is still in london, after having a bad moment there on a dead stop trash tour; and some other things too; busy sfeer hie. later päter.


white circle crime club's sis matthé will do a weekend-long performance on saturday 5th and sunday 6th of june in the SMAK museum in ghent, where our friend vaast colson is having a "retrospective" at this very moment. the work is titled "due giornate (e tre stampanti)", a more than just simply well chosen title for this happening. the press release states the following: "Fresco painting is the most permanent painting technique, in which the painting becomes an integral part of the wall or panel it is painted on. The “open window” for painting can be anywhere from two to twelve hours. Large frescoes can only be painted in sections or giornatas. Corrections and changes afterwards are not possible. Fresco painting is the most involved and collaborative painting technique. The succesful completion of a fresco depends on all of the parties involved." go have a look/listen/read.

white circle crime club's jelle will join dennis "duiveke" tyfus this saturday june 5th in zaal belgië in hasselt, when the nihilist spasm band
is playing there and a big orgy of improvisation and musical noise (fittingly titled "music no music") is taking place (part-takers: mauro pawlowski, elko blyweert, miguel sosa,..). crime club's jann (smokers) will be playing records in hoogstraten that same night, so it's gonna be a busy, diverse and widespread white circle crime club infiltration then. okay?

dark brown feeling (sideshow) will soon play in stuttgart (D) and frankfurt (D). first show is part of an exchange of which also (among others) rotkop magazine, raf simons, bernard willhelm and tom liekens (who?) will be part. second show will be in the already legendary roxi in offenbach, public toilets turned club fun punk house. stay calm for the chaos, exact dates soon.

the belgacom bomb is being used by europe's best hardcore band dead stop on their european tour. wave at them on the autobahn.

russian microphones are good friends of us.

one-sided 12" record is slowly choosing his favourite label. soon spoon.


jelle and partner in crime dennis prutpuss (or what was his name again?) are doing tyfus-tide radio-terror overdrive at radio centraal (only available to 3 houses in the nationale strasse in antwerp) every saturday between 2 and 3 pm. this is top radio for sure. mark anal mc has connections to white circle crime club and rapped about painting brown things white (halls, for instance). check it old.

all white circle crime club members were part of an unannounced dark brown feeling performance on saturday may 15th 2004 in an arbitrary antwerp pub, see pictures and a report about the madness at the dark brown feeling site. chaos.

our very own matchbox jean (member of smokers, recording in the studio as we speak) d.j.'d at the afterparty of a buscemi show this saturday (may 29th 2004) at het slot in wortel. people were dancing, boxes exploded. he will also remix (live) the record of building transmissions (the bastard double-l.p.) somewhere soon.


we kissed history and heimat goodbye last weekend. pictures of our aspirock show, all stills from a video, are to be seen here. go have a look.

white circle crime club members all re-designed flags for a frigo collective carnaval party at de kunstvlaai in amsterdam. go have a look.


white circle crime club is featured in the may issue of local magazine "de hoogstraatse maand", which is like "the big issue" from this city without homeless and action. read the article here if you're dutch-speaking, pass the dutchie regularly or are called dutch hollander (when is that guy going solo?).

there's 2 stills here (the 2 last ones) from a video international filmmaker tina schott took of our show at the conspiracy fest last march in antwerp (thanks to polio for selecting). her video "in den gärten meiner töchter" (made together with isabelle fein, check her site through our links, and tina kohlmann) won the 2003 focus award in dortmund and has been shown at the latest berlin filmfestival. it can be seen on the tokyo film festival in october too. watch out for these girls.

our friend vaast colson is doing an exhibition/retrospective in the SMAK in ghent, starting friday may 7th. white circle crime club's very own sis matthé has been invited (among others) to react and reflect upon his works. will other white circle crime club members join in too? and: in what way then? more news soon.

the frigo collective has invited the quasi entire white circle crime club to take part in their action at the kunstvlaai in amsterdam, titled "frigo's freestyle flagging action". no less than 80 artists and con-artists were carefully selected by "what's cooler than cool? ice cold" frigo to do their best in the direction and format of 12 flags pro persona, to make a total of 600 meters of pure fest and fun. more info and a list of part- and breath-taking people on the frigo site (down the page, click kunstvlaai).

by means of a single microphone we have recorded a 10 minute long song at the infamous mill street studio, that will soon be released as a very limited one-sided maxi single (vinyl, that is). subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know more news about label, date and artwork.

in september we will finally be recording our first full length album. we will do this all by ourselves, no bullshit. local mixtape modules will be installed. trees are warned.

dark brown feeling (sideshow) site picture is updated mit tyfusch ethnic art.


the tyfus-time ausstapf last saturday (24.04) in turnhout was violently cut to an end with the help of the man of cecilia and gg allin, right before incrowd continuation at utopolis. our very own jelle poked funk puns at the living with partner in crime dennis tyfus, who as a result had 2 paralysed legs for one whole day (but had his wheelchair pushed by an army of supermodels). not bad for a boring weekend-day. all dark brown feeling shows scheduled for the next two weeks were cancelled immediatly and without a doubt. there's an extra show planned in east germany, even though it doesn't exist anymore.

we are namechecked in an interview on a danish black metal fanatic's site. hobbyrockers unite.

a certain Rex Stout has written a book about white circle crime club, which we are not particularly happy about. the unsubtly titled "even in the best families" is full of lies and untruths. please come ask us first if you really want to know what happened. thank you. meeuw has done a great job lay-outing it, though. making it look old and all. wow.

our friend vaast colson is part of a group exhibition at 't STUC in leuven, called "a temporary monument for david mccomb", the singer of the triffids that is. since all of us have been part of his (still in progress) mixtapemodule, other frigo-activities and since he has delivered all the goodies for the lay-out of our e.p. "these are the secret sounds of fear", we think you might be interested in going there. also to have a good laugh at the upper-clown of the antwerp scene: stef camomile tea carlens. take notice of the fact that his beer bottles have the shape of australia.

watch this 4 minute video capture (9MB, 5 minutes) of the finale of our show in ego city, zürich. impro-festival copywritten-so-you-can't-copy-me by .

some "designer" people are getting inspiration from this website. haha. pfff.

there's still a review online of the conspiracy fest, on the kindamuzik.net site. but you've already read it, probablement.


our very own jelli will be part of a fantaman project in turnhout this saturday afternoon (april 24th). together with dennis tyfus (go check out his exhibition at stella lohaus gallery in antwerp while it lasts) he will terrorize and torture innocent shopping-street passers-by while doing a drive-by radioshow. a nice chance to visit the beautiful city of turnhout and listen to lightning bolt, irritant screaming and prank phonecalls while shopping.


white circle crime club's very own private dancer takes the best pictures to put on the line, our line, more specifically. his conspiracy fest pictures are to be found in the photos section as of right now (bottom of page 2), we've also revised the first page of that subdivision with full cooperation of the photographers guild inc., big thanks for that.

we will be doing an american tour, a full length cd/lp and a videoclip once. ha.


the killer conspiracy fest, march 27th at hof ter loo, antwerp, is coming closer and closer. buy your tickets now, or reserve them. bands we will be playing with include: isis (neurosick progmetal), trans am (analog pop rocking new wave), logh ("my swedish friend" cfr. johnny cash), creature with the atom brain (a millionaire sideshow project of aldo struyf, mark lanegan band and eagles of death metal collaborator, also including quetzal member. their videoclip is made by the guy who also does celine dion's among others. hupla, there goes the streed cred ha) and somnabula (mauro pawlowski solo as anton lavey's son, this is his second to last show). and ourselves. buy your tickets at all fnac stores or through the luchtbal site. or make reservations through heartbreaktunes.

our very own matchbox jean (still part of miami bass for the mentally ill collective smokers) will rub his butt and play records back to back with dennis tyfus, who will have an exhibition soon at stella lohaus gallery, at the conspiracy fest afterparty (in the hof ter loo pub itself). we come to dance. you?


white circle crime club's home photographer is currently part of a group exhibition at the antwerp art academy, mutsaardstraat something, with an installation and a video. this exhibition still runs this week, until saturday march 20th (every day from 9am till 6pm). the entire white circle crime club was in several ways part of this romantic, revolutionary and white project of useful vandalism. be sure to check it out.

thunder heart machine is a white circle crime club affiliated all star band featuring tommy lee, sid vicious and james hetfield, among others. you've missed out another great show of them at den barbier in antwerp, last sunday. they are also playing at jh mussenakker in meer (B) on april 17th, with the spades, the stitch and the the and the duh's.

there's some more pictures online, this time of our frankfurter roxi show of last december, all video stills ((c) pol m). check the mentalmaps.de site, pix section. slot-wortel also has pictures of our show online now.

if these people have so many questions, why don't they just ask us?


white circle crime club drummer krist got compared to tommy lee in the humo review of their rock rally thunder heart machine show. we can 1. only affirm that this is true in every possible way and 2. are sure the jury will regret their mistake.

butterfly webzine has a review of our e.p. on the line and it's in greek, ha.

to keep everyone quiet, pump up the volume: small part of video-capture of white circle crime club show at roxi, frankfurt/offenbach (courtesy of tina schott) (no longer available). iggy + bootleggers, eat your heart in.

dark brown feeling (sideshow krash killer karaoke) did another stunner at a sold-out rotterdam players place. check out the website for video-footage, especially if you like serious and theoretical art, go to museums two times a week, don't have a job (=new) and only go to vernissages instead of going out.

wunderbar: here. review.


thunder heart machine, a white circle crime club/syc/heartaches and minus 45 degrees (which is pretty fucking cold, if you ask me (why did no one update that part of this text?)) collaboration, have played their first two shows, one of them at de notelaer in oostmalle on february 14th, a rock rally concert. the people that were there to support them saw what they liked (and vice versa), especially compared to the other bands of wannabe rockstars and serious musicians.

our very own matchbox jean (part of smokers, you will hear about them soon) was and will be (sic) spinning records everywhere. if you are rich: he wants to play the soundtrack of your life all day and night long.

stijn, the guy who did our e.p. design, started up his own graphic design company together with his girlfriend. check out the yumigo portfolio and contact them. they will do a good job. tell them you know us, we get money for that.

our bad-ass booker vinnie aka the biggest cock and balls in the independent booking business will be the straight dominosexual (which means girls fall for him already by the thousands) posterqueen for a new revolution (no one knows which one exactly), since he's featured as nudie cover model of the new rotkop issue. go pay him a visit at bilbo records in antwerp and tell him you know us, we get free cd's for every new friend he makes (just be nice). buy rotkop at conspiracy records.

check out our collectively organised friends of frigo, jan throws stones with them throughgallery windows and plays music in mixtape modules (with d.a.f., deutsch-antwerpische freundschaft), sis reflects and discusses for them with the enemy, who has proven to be scared and not having a clue. their site is updated almost every day, wow. don't these guys have euh a job?


with dark brown feeling (a white circle crime club, dennis tyfus and thunderheart machine krazy karaoke trash impro collaboration side show, check out the "site" as of right now) some of us have played another show at the städel rundgang afterparty in the daimlerstrasse ateliers, part of the academy of arts in frankfurt, germany. an audience of stunned artists and teachers went wild to the fucking up of the following maesters: survivor-eye of the tiger, odb feat. kelis-got your money, tone loc-funky cold medina, chris isaak-blue hotel, marco borsato-dromen zijn bedrog, government issue-hey ronnie, spider murphy gang-skandall im sperrbezirk, joy division-she's lost control, flash dance-she's a maniac, jermaine jackson and pia zadora-when the rain begins to fall, sonic youth-eric's trip, bon jovi-livin' on a prayer and the obligatory danzig classic mother. also check the dennis tyfus site to check out a videofragment of this show (soon) and fragments of the tyfus-tijd radioshow on radio centraal, where white circle crime club's own jelle is sometimes poking fun at the living (at magda aus schoten, for instance).

a dark brown feeling musical campfire bangbus fragment is still to be found on the frigo (antwerp anonymous art collective) website. also take a look at the interesting discussion/battle going on there with lokaal 01 curator wannabees. sis is involved too, by way of words.

there's still a french white circle crime club interview available here, je ne suis toujours pas une boulangerie. and the one from the bullet magazine from last summer is also downloadable as pdf-file.


what a lack of updates recently, but we also have other things to do, sometimes even better. sideshow asocial laughabilly trash karaoke soundsystem dark brown feeling (ex-trashbusters) has played another stunning show at le bunker in brussels, where especially australian small cock did an impressive performance, involving glass, a moustache, gell and someone yelling "break it!". neckwound. then our friends at the frigo collective took some of us to lokaal 01 in breda, to exclusively show the brussels show video on a big screen, making all dutch poetry fanatics present pick up their jackets and leave the room. nice one. there's also a dark brown feeling soundfile available through the frigo website.

as part of the weekly interventions nico dockx and kris delacourt are doing in antwerps museum of contemporary art MU KA, jan sis jelle joined the noise marathon the museum guards will not soon forget.

our booker vinnie aka benny aka the menace will be the posterboy for the new revolution, since he's featured as cover model of the new rotkop issue. i'm thinking san fransisco, naked bodies and antwerps most wanted recordshop dirtworker here. buy rotkop at conspiracy records.


*news flash: sideshows dark brown feeling (ex-trashbusters) and something else. first one at le bunker in brussels on thursday january 15th (with humungous man, usa, and two other noise projects), the other one as part of some weekly interventions at the M HKA (museum of contemporary art, antwerp) saturday january 17th. drones musique marathon collaboration. be sure to check these two out, since they will be white circle crime club influenced in all different ways all over the place.

before besides b-sides:


this site will finally be a full-on site somewhere in the next few weeks, including pictures, reviews (and other media), some links, a concert page and all that jazz. we are currently watching the hours of videotape we collected on the last euro-tour to pick out the stills to fill your euh wills. it will kills. the one above is from our show at the legendary, but now closed and dead, roxi club in offenbach/frankfurt. think public toilets meets culture club. 4 square metres, 2 turntables and a mass of people dancing to punkfunkdancehiphopsoulrockelectro. pillow fights, sneaky photographers, pogodives.

oldeststst news: 2003