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we would like to invite everyone, but really everyone to the releaseparty of our new cd "written in black", at kaaiman, antwerp, march 2nd 2005. there will be cd's available and afterparty dj's to dance to (matchbox jean, rita aus frankfurt, building transpeter).

for those interested in coming to the domino festival at the ancienne belgique (we're playing april 10th with the blood brothers): we've heard there's quite some tickets sold already, so order them now or miss out on the funk.


to everyone who saw us with hot hot heat in hamburg last week: we're playing there again at hafenklang, 9. märz. it's the first show of our european tour. you are welcome and you too.

we're also playing with the blood brothers on the domino festival in the ancienne belgique in brussels. april 10th, that is.

jan played records (january 21st) in karlsruhe (germany) with the deutsch-antwerpische freundschaft (or: rita & roxi). der polizei finnished the party at 6am. we were also part (again) of a video overview of everything that happened at the roxi club (in offenbach) ever. this is the small part of a video from our concert there. it was not only shown in karlsruhe but also at the frankfurter kunstverein, together with other pictures. pump up the volume. "fun house is my favourite record."

sis read poems at a furthermore hilarious poetry festival in brussels. definitely check out the book "Op het oog. 21 dichters voor de 21ste eeuw.", ISBN: 90-77757-31-7

nice white circle crime club-related website of the month: zeitungsfreistelle. we will definitely take the paper version of this project with us on our next tour, if there's still any left by then.


we are playing with hot hot heat in hamburgs (d) molotow club this monday january 31st on their press preview and only mainland europe concert to promote a new album. there will be no dancing going on, because half of the audience will be writing.


hoogstraten releaseshow will be at cahier de brouillon on february 26th. dj's flip (from concrete cell punkrock forgotten fame) will spin all his favourite punk no wave rokk records. we've seen him fuck up a cowboy carnaval party in that way and it's not to be missed. our very own matchbox jean will definitely also spin the steelers wheel.

we've done an interview on radio centraal (antwerp) last saturday january 14th in the squeezed program, about the new album and played some of our favourite records (gang of four, warsaw, minor threat, dead stop..). you missed it nic fit.

vaast colson will not only handstamp every single written in black cd of the first pressing, he has also made drawings and pictures for the recent issue of freespace nieuwzuid, a three-monthly discursive machine for culture criticism and amusement. the man's a machine, or what? you might still know this magazine because white circle crime club's very own sis matthé had poems published in there too some time ago. interesting about this issue is not only the drawings and blah, but also the text hans theys wrote about vaast colson, especially if you're not familiar with and would like to know more about the background and way of working of the guy who also made the artwork of our new cd. our friend dennis tyfus will gracefully rape the next issue graphically, so check that one out too two two, i got a fax machine that can talk to you.

in other, sideshow-related, news we can proudly announce that trash karaoke ex-band dark brown feeling is featured on a compilation cd from the dutch oddpop festival, where they also played end of 2003. the song is called "aai of de taaiger" and was recorded live in frankfurt at the staedel academy. other bands on the compilation are felix kubin, jack the rapper, costes, harry merry, candie hank.. there's rumours about possible reunion shows of the dark brown bunnies in hamburg and berlin later this year. just small rumours. the career-encompassing dvd "fear of a dark brown pogo" will definitely happen less likely one day than the other.

to those people/sites still linking thewhitecirclecrimeclub.com, it's out of order since long long gone times. everything is happening here now at whitecirclecrimeclub.com. update sphere, sleepers.

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